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A Note From Andrew

Help me put an end to politics as usual. We deserve better. Hardworking Arizonans are demanding something different – Real Leadership. It's time for a fresh perspective, not politics as usual.  I believe career politicians, in both parties, have led us to an unprecedented point in American history. Families have suffered a lower standard of living, while many believe future generations will have fewer opportunities.

Yet I think our best days await us. I'm running for Congress to offer Arizonans a passionate new voice. I'm not a career politician, nor am I seeking to become one. I'm a small business owner and a leader, both on and off the field.  I was a three-year team captain and quarterback for Arizona State University, and I also played in the NFL. One word could sum up my entire career: accountability. Washington needs to be held accountable to us. This is one reason why I strongly support term limits.

As your congressman, I will fight for an America that rewards hard work and sacrifice. I will fight for a healthy economy, balanced budgets, and education innovation.  My campaign will be about elevating the political dialogue and bringing people together. I need you on my team and together we can change our future!

Andrew Walter